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Last night I switched the method through which I import my mastodon toots from here into my #11ty blog.

It now pulls changes when a ci build is triggered using an external script, rather than during the render/build phase. It does this by generating markdown files with yaml frontmatter. The process creates a new commit which in turn triggers a full build of the site on the main branch.


Add Build Info to an 11ty Site

In a recent update to my site, I decided to show a helpful notice in my footer that timestamps my build, writes the abbreviated commit hash from Git, and links to the changeset on my GitHub repo for ease of reference.


Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr

I recently came back from (one of my favorite conferences). I had the honor of giving not one, but two different talks. One of them was on static sites, or the JAMstack. This is a topic I've covered many times in the past, but it had been a while since I gave a presentation on it.