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Paul’s notes on how JSON-LD works

We all know what JSON-LD is: JSON with a @context field tacked on top, right? That’s pretty much all it is. Except sometimes you see an @id field, which, sure, that makes sense. And sometimes the @context field is multiple URLs, which seems odd β€” because how do they mix? Well, no worries.


OpenAPI Typescript Codegen

Node.js library that generates Typescript clients based on the OpenAPI specification. There's no named parameter in JavaScript or TypeScript, because of that, we offer the flag --useOptions to generate code in two different styles.


Dependency injection in Node.js with TypeDI

Dependency injection is an essential concept in object-oriented programming. It is a way to decouple the creation of objects from their usage. In this article, we will learn what dependency injection is and how we can use it in Node.js applications using the TypeDI library.